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Your Wedding Day Dance

Twirling Bride
The web is filled with viral videos of wedding day couples dances. From highly choreographed productions to spur of the moment, hilarious improvisations, the wedding dance has evolved into an opportunity for couples to present their style to the world.

Join in on the fun by creating your own couple dance. There are numerous wedding day dance instructors for you to choose from. First, decide what type of dance you would like to perform. Are you a sexy salsa siren or is a traditional waltz more your style? Find a professional teacher who can help you and your honey perfect a personalized routine.

If you're clueless about dance styles, take the musical route by choosing the song first. Maybe you already have a special relationship song, but if not, a simple Internet search will result in a variety of possibilities. Also, don't feel obligated to go with a slow jam. Some very interesting and entertaining wedding dances start with a step outside the box.

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