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Sushi Anyone?

Are you a sushi lover? Why not spread the love by giving your wedding guests a taste of the orient. You can offer these finger foods as an appetizer, but the with wide variety of sushi options, the adventurous bride can create a delicious meal.

When choosing your sushi offerings, remember that your guests will have various tastes and preferences. While some may be sushi aficionados, others may need a step by step introduction. So, include a variety of cooked and raw options for your guests to try. Also, consider mixing up the meat options, with crab, shrimp and various types of fish. You can even offer chicken varieties and don't forget about the veggie versions for your vegetarian guests.

Creative bakers have even created sushi inspired deserts. Candies, gelatins and baked goods can be shaped to look like sushi rolls. With an internet search, you can even find a bakery to create a sushi-themed wedding cake. The sky is the limit with sushi on the menu!

Assorted Sushi Rolls


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