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An Amusement Park Wedding

Are you and your fiancée kids at heart with no desire for a traditional church wedding? How about a wedding day that is filled with thrills, spills and a return to your days as a fun-loving child? How about a theme park wedding? Yay!

First, you have to choose your park. Both of the Disney parks offer wedding packages that can be as over the top as your heart desires. You can arrive at your wedding on a horse drawn carriage, like Cinderella. Most packages include accommodations, catering, and best of all, tickets to enjoy the park.

If Florida or California are too far to travel, check with the local amusement parks in your area. Many of them offer wedding day packages that will have you saying your vows one minute and riding the latest and greatest roller coasters the next. Fun will be the theme for your amusement park nuptials.

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