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A Nautical Adventure

Are you and your honey lovers of water and all things related to boating? Why not infuse your ceremony and reception with a fresh nautical theme? With a youthful flair and a breath of freshness, you can give your guests a fun and memorable event with a few marine related touches or an all out sailing theme that even includes the boat.

To get the theme started, choose invitations with subtle hints of water and sailing. A carefully placed anchor or seashell gives a taste what's to come for your guests. Another clever idea is to place a vintage map of your wedding location into the invitation, or use the map as the invite itself. Blue and white are traditional nautical colors for your ceremony. If they don't have enough flair for you, throw in a splash of bright red, which works well with the theme. Use anchors and marine rope to accent your entrances and reception chairs, while seashells can be used in a variety of creative ways to decorate the tables.

For a truly nautical experience, hold your reception near a water's edge or rent a large boat for the party. That way, you can let nature provide all the maritime details you need!

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