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Heels vs. Flats

The wedding shoe game is a serious subject that requires significant consideration. If you're a style over comfort girl, you may be thinking that heels are the only option. On the other hand, if you are determined to enjoy your day in comfort, you may be determined to sport your flats. The good news is... there are no hard and fast rules to making your shoe decision. It's your day and you should decorate your feet in anyway you choose, but take a minute to consider some things:

  • Are you wearing a short dress? A shorter hemline places a lot of attention on your shoes, so choose a style that you feel comfortable showcasing.

  • Is your wedding formal? Heels are the traditional choice and, if traditional is the theme of your event, you may want to carry that through to the shoes.

  • Is height an issue? Will heels leave you towering over your broom... or perhaps you are a petite woman and your heels will get you a little closer to optimum kissing height. If you fall into one of these categories, definitely do what makes you feel comfortable.

  • Why choose? Rock those high heels down the aisle, then switch it up and throw on the flats for a reception filled with socializing and dancing!

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