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Wedding Styles for Long Hair

Your planning that special day. You have the perfect gown, a fairy tale venue and your reception will be the biggest and best party of the year. Now, its time to make one of the most important decisions of all... what to do with your hair. Your wedding hair can make or break your entire look, so take some time to consider your options and even experiment a little! With long hair versatility is on your side and if your natural hair isn't quite long or thick enough for the impression you want to make, fake it a little with extensions. Never tried them before? Well, thee is no better time to go all out than your wedding day.

Curls Curls Curls

Cascading curls are beautiful and romantic. You can add even more drama by having all of your hair fall onto one shoulder.

Vintage Waves

Make a throw back to old Hollywood with huge waves to frame that gorgeous face. Tell your stylist that you want finger waves and pin curls brushed out into luxurious waves.

A Classic Updo

Give your face all of the attention with a sleek updo that. Gather all of your hair up into a tight chignon or french twist. An incredible pair of earrings tops off the look.

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