"Green" Wedding Favors

Share your love for the environment with your wedding guests by giving favors that are good for the environment and your guests. “Green” weddings are a popular trend and wedding suppliers are answering the call with a variety of eco-friendly products. With a little imagination and some internet searching skills, you are sure to find some guest favors that celebrate your environmental consciousness.

Beeswax Candles – These beautiful luminaries are made from pure beeswax, with each showcasing its own unique honeycomb design. They are a beautiful way to bring a little nature indoors.

Plantable Seeds – Urge your guests to give a green thumbs up with personalized seeds. There are even options that can be personalized with your names. As they grow into plants, your names stay intact! Providing a living, breathing reminder of your everlasting love.

Reusable Coffee Cups – Take the practical approach, while keeping countless coffee cups out of our landfills. Reusable coffee cups offer a convenient way for your to show your love for the planet. You can personalize the cups with your names and wedding date to commemorate the ceremony.

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