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A Tropical Engagement Party

An engagement sparks the beginning of celebration, dreams and planning. It symbolizes a turn towards forever on the relationship path. Why not kick off your wedding preparations with an all-out party experience? Take your loved ones on a mini vacation, with a Hawaii luau themed engagement party. The possibilities are endless, from the leis at the door to the authentic Hawaiian food.

Party stores are brimming with island inspired decorations, so you can go as wild and colorful as you want. Offer grass skirts and flowered hair clips to the ladies. Get the guys into the mood with some cool sunglasses. Delight your guests with a menu of poi, a delicious Hawaiian appetizer, along with roasted pork or vegetable kabobs for your vegetarian friends. Include a vibrant fruit salad, filled with fresh tropical goodies... and make sure you have an abundance of margarita glasses to get the drinks flowing. Don't forget to put the little umbrellas inside!

While some couples choose to play party games at their engagement celebrations, others opt for a more formal ambiance. A luau theme can work for either preference by adjusting the decoration factor to fit your event. Whatever you do, remember this is a time for celebration and have some fun!

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