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Rain, Rain Won't Go Away. Don't Let it Ruin Your Wedding Day!

A rainy wedding day is good luck. You've heard that before, right? While it sounds like a great consolation prize, when your dream day is threatened by gray clouds, it can bring worry and strife that you really don't need. The best defense against a rainy day wedding is a great offense. Anticipate the possibility of rain and include a contingency in your wedding planning. Then, when the storm clouds threaten, you can stay cool, calm and dry on your special day.

If you are planning an outside wedding, several options are available to save the day. Party tents offer some protection from the elements. Just be sure to choose the waterproof option. Don't forget to shield your wedding dress from the rain soaked ground. Event vendors offer a variety of interesting ground covers. You can even find some that resemble flooring patterns or oriental rugs.

Even if you're planning an indoor celebration, you can still offer your guests some shelter from the storm. Provide umbrellas to get them from the parking lot to the venue. You can enlist some male friends to escort the ladies, or make a creative and durable container to hold the umbrellas for a serve yourself vibe. For the wedding party, don't let a few raindrops ruin your outdoor pics. Grab some color coordinated umbrellas and strike a pose. The rain can provide some beautiful character to your pictures. If you are really courageous, provide the party with rain boots and have some fun with the weather.

With some careful planning, the rain can become an uninvited, but welcome guest on your special day.

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