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A Phantom Wedding

Bold, Daring, Dark, Romantic and Elegant! Did we just describe you? Well, it also describes the timeless stage play, “The Phantom of the Opera”. Why not combine your love for this theatrical masterpiece with your love for the man you are about to marry? A Phantom of the Opera themed wedding will surround your guests with drama, as they are transported into a world of desperate love, mixed with a healthy dose of mystery.

Begin your planning with a bold color scheme... scarlet red or a majestic purple. Have your announcements printed up as playbills to give your guests a glimpse of the mystery to come. Roses should abound in the ceremony, as well as the reception. Classic red roses are a perfect fit for the mood. But it you are really daring, throw in some black roses to amp up the fantasy. Provide your quests with phantom masks, or encourage them to bring their own personalized masquerade masks. Dim the lights in your reception hall and rely on the romantic beauty of candlelight. Your “Phantom of the Opera” themed wedding can be a simple, demure event or an all out, over-the-top extravaganza. Whatever your taste, just make it your own.

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