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Unique Guest Book Ideas

Weddings offer an awesome opportunity for you to share your creativity with friends and family. Every aspect of the traditional wedding can be upgraded and improved with a little imagination and “out-of-the-box” thinking.

The guest book gives your loved ones a chance to not only memorialize their presence at your wedding, but also to share thoughts of love and well wishes for happiness. While a traditional guest book is a great keepsake, there are many creative options to give this important memory a unique twist. Provide guests with river stones and a marker. The flat surfaces are perfect for simple well wishes. Keep them inside of decorative jars and add them to the décor. Any time you want to feel loved, pick out a few and feel the magic of your wedding day all over again.

Do you and your honey have a favorite coffee table book? Why not let your guests sign the margins of each page. Then, when the book graces the top of your table, you will always be reminded of their well wishes for your happiness. Lastly, have a little fun with your guests...with a game of “Wedding Mad Libs”! Give each guest a mad lib sheet to complete. Everyone will have a good laugh as you read the results at the end of the evening.

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