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Turn Flowers into Bridal Fashion

If the simplicity of a white doesn't mesh with your personality, consider one of the hottest trends for 2014... the floral pattern wedding gown. From large abstract designs to detailed, colorful bouquets, designers are sprucing up the traditional dress with fresh and fashionable floral motifs.

The trend can be accomplished with flower shaped appliques over a white mesh fabric or an overlay of tulle, embroidered with a floral pattern. You can choose white on white for a subtle update, or go all out with a rainbow of springtime, floral colors. With large flowers painted onto your fabric, your guests will be captivated by the creative piece of art you wear down the aisle. How about some silk flowers added to the waistline of the dress for a belted look? They can also be used to accentuate the gathering or draping of your gown fabric. An organza flower can add an interesting and artistic accent to the top of a halter cut gown. The options are endless for your wedding day ensemble!

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