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Pick a Decade... Any Decade!

From jewelry to gowns, everything old is new again! Take your guest for a ride in the time machine with a wedding inspired by the past.

First, you have to pick your decade. Are you inspired by the gangster glamor of the 20s? Perhaps, the mod look of the 60s in more your style. How about an all out Dynasty inspired 80s theme? Whatever your era of choice, get the ambiance started right from the start with the invite. From there, choose a venue that compliments your theme. A Dynasty wedding would be perfectly set in a mansion. A seventies, disco ceremony screams skating rink.

Make sure your decade of choice is evident in your choice of attire. A sixties inspired mini-wedding dress, complete with long sleeves and a flower infused bouffant, will transport your guests back in time. Bring back the twenties with a top hat for your groom and flapper dresses for the bridesmaids.

Go all out for the reception. The food, the decorations and the music all offer creative opportunities for time travel. How about a sixties folk band or a recreating a 1930s speakeasy? The ideas are only limited by the stretch of your imagination!

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