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An Opportunity to Give

Weddings are all about “the extras”. You take every princess dream you ever had as a child and turn into your wedding reality. But, what if your dream can help someone else live out theirs? Weddings offer a unique opportunity to give, as well as receive. From your flowers to your gifts, you can make your wedding a blessing to someone else.

When planning your reception, you probably ordered extra food out of fear that not all guests would be fed. Now, its the end of the night and you have an abundance of leftovers. Don't let the reception venue keep that extra food. Ask that it be boxed up and donate it to a local homeless shelter. While you and your new spouse are attending to “personal matters”, your wedding party can be making some very worthwhile deliveries... or get in on the giving yourselves. What better way to start your life together?

At a loss for what to do with all of those flowers at the end of the night? There is someone in a nursing home or hospice who would love and appreciate them. Are you part of a lucky couple that doesn't really need the cash you got from your money dance? Donate it to your favorite charity, or you can skip the money dance all together. Put information about the organization at each table and ask guests to make donations during the reception.

Your wedding dress is another great opportunity for you to share some of your good fortune. The internet offers an abundance of organizations that accept wedding dress donations. Whether you want to assist a military wife, support breast cancer research or create a wedding dream for a financially struggling bride... there is an organization out there waiting for your generosity! Your wedding is a day you will never forget. Why not also make it unforgettable to some in need?

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