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Celebrate Your Love for All Things Latin

For the affianced music lover, how about turning your passion into a fun and unique wedding theme. If Spanish music gets you going, choose a vibrant, Aztec inspired color pallette. Provide your guests with personalized maracas and encourage them to use them through out your reception and on the dance floor.

You menu might include a variety of tapas, seafood paella and traditional wedding cookies. With so many delectable Spanish inspired dishes, you will have no worries putting together a fabulous feast for your guests.

Introduce yourselves to the world with a spicy salsa dance. You can even hire a salsa instructor to help some of your rhythmically challenged guests. A lively mariachi band gets the party started, or make sure your deejay can give you some body-moving reggaeton music to keep the festivities going through out the night. With some creativity, you can turn your love for Latin music into an experience that leaves your guests happy and culturally inspired.

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