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A Fairy Tale Wedding Belongs in a Castle

The only appropriate venue for a fairy tale wedding is a fairy tale castle! With a little planning, your dreams can come true and you will exchange vows with the man of your dreams in the venue of your dreams. There are numerous options for a castle wedding. European destinations offer a variety of majestic dwellings, from the medieval castles of Germany to rustic Spanish palaces. The Gold Coast of Africa boasts some of the most opulent and majestic castles in the world.

If an international destination is not in the budget, your dream wedding is still within your grasp. Colorado offers a number of fairy tale castles, each with its own unique history. New York has the Oheka Castle, just a boat ride away from the city... while the Chateau Julien brings the elegance of France to Central California. How about celebrating the happiest day of your life at the happiest place on earth? The Disney Castles are available for weddings year round. Just make sure you start your planning in advance!

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