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Eco-friendly Wedding Rings

Your path to an eco-friendly wedding can begin with the moment the big question is popped. Gold mining is not the most environmentally friendly business in the world. To find that perfect diamond, miners reportedly produce tons of waste. So, if your love for Mother Earth outweighs your desire for a diamond, check out some alternatives.

How about a man-made alternative to diamonds? Sona Diamond Jewelry Store offers a beautiful selection of laboratory-grown diamonds that are both stunning and significantly valuable. They even offer brilliant color variations.

The website, Simply Wood Rings, offers hand crafted wooden rings, that are sculpted from salvaged wood. The unique transformation brings out the beauty of the wood and gives you an individualized piece of jewelry that stands out from the norm. The manufacturer can even incorporate eco-friendly stones to give your wooden ring a little accent of shine.

If you want to take the green route, but can't get away from the traditional diamond, recycling is always a viable option. Cruise your local pawn shops and thrift stores. You may luck into an amazing vintage ring. Be sure to check out ebay and other auction websites for vintage options as well!

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